One day you wake up and decide to start writing a blog and amuse a
small (or perhaps a big) part of the world. I think a blog is the
revival of the good old "secret diary" with the only difference of
wanting to communicate with the outside!

When I was a child I used to write a secret diary... Everything began
with one of those small pink books with a small padlock on it and an
even smaller key to lock it.

Anyway, I used to open my heart and commit everything to an imaginary
friend, writing it down in the diary. The diary took care of my
thoughts, my wishes, my plans, my delusions. I wrote and wrote,
screamed, shouted, whispered, laughed, and blew my nose... and filled
pages and pages with ink.
Sometimes I thought to make a book about it... One day...

But you are probably asking who I am and what I intend to do with my
blog... (I can read your mind!)
My name is Tania Monti, I'm Italian. Yes, quite an unusual name for an
Italian - you could say - but believe it or not: I was able to find 3
homonym ladies on Facebook and they are all living in Italy! My zodiac
sign is Aquarius, I've 3 sweet little children and I'm living in good old
Austria, with a pulsing creative vein and a dream in my pocket: a trip
around the world... one day...

And it's my creative vein, which I would like to let fly high in the sky...

A few days ago I had something like a flashback of my childhood, I saw
all the amazing creative things I experimented with as a child and I
saw the connection to this attraction to art and creative work... I
will talk about this... one day...

Read more from me soon!